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Hanover Pond Survey

Hanover Pond Area Stakeholders


Having formed a committee to create a blueprint leading to the re-establishment of Hanover Pond as a destination for recreation, the Hanover Pond Initiative Committee wishes to hear from the public to aid our mission. Below is a survey that may completed via our contact form on this website, or send your comments to


Your input to our commitment would be most welcome.


City of Meriden

Recreation Task Force Committee


To: Hanover Pond Area Stakeholders.


From: Hanover Pond Initiative  sub-committee


        Having formed a sub-committee to create a blueprint leading to the re-establishment of Hanover Pond as a destination for recreation, it is our Committee’s desire that the City of Meriden continue to explore alternatives that would capitalize on current momentum established by the completion of the Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail.  Additionally, the design segment of the Phase II trail extending our linear trail system along the pond to Platt High School, and the ongoing renovations of the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association's headquarters at Dossin Beach, make this the opportune time to refocus our efforts in the restoration of Hanover Pond for the full use and enjoyment of Meriden residents.  The endeavor began with dam reconstruction in 2005 as part of the flood control strategy, but it must not be allowed to end there. 


      Your input to our commitment would be most welcome.  Please take a few minutes to suggest ways to improve Hanover Pond and the abutting properties, using the form below and returning by US Mail. Should you wish to be contacted by email please include your email address.   We may be contacted at;



  Your Comments: ________________________________________________________________________












  Your Name: (optional)  _____________________  Address:______________________

  Email address: _________________


Thank you for participating,

Ginny Chirsky, President, Quinnipiac River Watershed Association

Dave Swedock; President, Meriden Neighborhood Associations

Phil Ashton, Chairman, Meriden Flood Control Implementation Agency.

David Salafia, City Council Liaisons to Sub-committee

Roger Kemp, Past City Manager, City of Meriden

Joe Zajac, Chairman, Meriden Linear Trail Advisory Committee



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