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Ground Breaking-Family Day - Sunday,October 21, 2012



 This year, 2012, we celebrated Family Day on Sunday, October 21st.

Photography by Bob Tencza, Linear Trail Committee


For the first time ever, colorful gradient map provides up-to-the minute data on fall foliage throughout Connecticut
Estimated date of peak fall foliage is October 7 November 13, 2012 
As temperatures cool down and leaves begin to change color, the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) announces a brand new Fall Foliage website is now available at

Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail, South Meriden
 Featured a linear trail "Fall Foliage" tour
led by DEEP's Peter Picone. 

The Fall Colors of Some of Connecticut's Trees

Tree Yellow Bronze Orange Red Purple Brown
Ash Ash Leaf Ash Leaf Ash Leaf
Aspen, Quaking Quaking Aspen Leaf
Beech Beech Leaf
Birches Birch Leaf
Cherries Cherry Leaf Cherry Leaf
Dogwood Dogwood Leaf Dogwood Leaf
Hickories Hickory Leaf
Maple, Norway Norway Maple Leaf
Maple, Red Red Maple Leaf Red Maple Leaf
Maple, Silver Silver Maple Leaf Silver Maple Leaf
Maple, Sugar Sugar Maple Leaf Sugar Maple Leaf
Oak, Red Red Oak Leaf
Oak, Scarlet Scarlet Oak Leaf Scarlet Oak Leaf

Oak, White

White Oak Leaf

Sassafras Sassafras Leaf Sassafras Leaf Sassafras Leaf Sassafras Leaf
Sumac Sumac Leaf Sumac Leaf Sumac Leaf Sumac Leaf
Tulip Tree Tulip Tree Leaf


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