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Phase 3 Linear Trail

  Design work on Phase 3 linear trail slated for summer 2015

 Officials hope to begin design work on the third phase of the city's linear trail this summer. The next phase will be roughly a mile and a half long, and pick up near the tennis courts at Platt High School, continuing east along Coe Avenue past Bradley Avenue, where it will follow Harbor Brook along Hanover Street and connect to Bronson Park on Cook Avenue by way of Columbus Avenue.
Last year, members of the City Council approved $170,000 for the design costs.
Public Works Director Robert J. Bass said on Friday that a contract with the Wethersfield-based VHB engineering and design firm is soon to be inked. Once that's complete, survey work can begin to assess the benefits and drawbacks of a series of potential routes.
"There are a couple routes that could be taken between Platt and getting over to Columbus Avenue - for instance, are you going to take the north or south side of Coe Avenue?" Bass said. "At the intersection of Hanover Road and Coe Avenue, what do you do when you get to Grove Road? We have to decide which makes the most sense."
Once a set of options are established, Bass said he'll consult the Meriden Linear Trail Advisory Committee, city officials, and hold a public hearing to get input and decide on one.
David Head, a senior project engineer at VHB and project manager for the Meriden trails, said, "This will be a great extension running from the high school on over to Cook Avenue. We foresee this as being a trail that can be all along Harbor Brook."
Head estimates that all the survey work and optioning routes could be done by late 2016, with actual construction work beginning by 2017. Construction should take "about a season," once it begins, Head said, dependent on weather.
"We're very excited about it," Head said. "You can experience it firsthand, when you're standing on the street and there's hustle and bustle, and then you walk even 30 feet to a river and it's very quiet and serene. Being able to allow that for the community... is a great concept and great for the city."

PUBLICATION: Record-Journal (Meriden, CT)
(May 11, 2015)

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